Oxadel E-News ERP

Oxadel E-News is a real site generator of RSS content and blogging system to create and manage a profitable website or you can even use it as your personal Google RSS reader with your favorite blog / rss feed collections . It is the only aggregator with all-in-one functionality and daily development.
In addition, Oxadel E-News is user-friendly, responsive and customizable for any niche or use as a personal google rss reader
With Oxadel E-News you can manage your website on autopilot, read news and even make money if you want!
More features

• It supports RTL
• Extract the complete RSS message
• Spin your publication content with Spinner to be unique in SEO
• Generate websites using sources
• User role management
• Cron task logs
• Earn money with ads - Integrated into over 20 ad sections for easy ad management
• Configure Auto Pilot to sit down and have the system take care of everything
• Preview articles before publishing, also publish new articles with special types such as VIDEO, IMAGE, GALLERY and TEXT
• Complete website optimized for SEO
• Add categories, sub-categories with option to display in the header, sidebar or footer
• Choose your Disqus / Facebook comment system
• Social your AddThis / ShareThis media sharing support
• Custom CSS and custom JS
• Frontend tagging system with tag cloud
• Flex slider for the selected image
• Powerful search engine
• Individual author pages
• Fully responsive, works on any mobile device, tablet or desktop computer
• Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android
• Easy to use and maintain!
• Add Mailchimp and Google Analytics registration forms
• Filing boxes for articles
• Social networks integrated with Facebook Box and Twitter tweets
• Easily add messages to the Mega Menu or make them featured messages
• Earn money easily with the integration of Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, etc.
Best of all is that you can use Oxadel E-News in many ways, even to make money with the affiliate content feed or regular advertising.
Google Adsense or any other ad network you want to use. Affiliate programs with support for rss feeds, for example eBay, Amazon or anything else.
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